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We are SML

We are
Smart Mobile Labs

We are a video-tech company headquartered in Munich, Germany, with the mission of revolutionizing the global market for live video. Our vision is to become the world’s most successful company for the transmission of content in real-time. Various applications for sporting and entertainment events, public safety and the automotive industry will – thanks to our technology – look vastly different in the future. At the same time, there will be a range of new possibilities for security-relevant transmissions.

Our Values

Obligation to Customers

It’s embedded within our very DNA to always be two steps ahead of the rest. Because of that, when it comes to the solutions we provide our customers, we also think of their customers – worldwide. Many say: “We’ve made the impossible possible.” But we actually deliver – thanks to our partners with absolute security.

Dedicated to Captivation

We are driven by having an impact in the world and captivating people through our products. We are enthusiastic about starting there, where others give up: greater mobility and an entirely new type of security for the best entertainment.

Making First

We act before we speak. Our innovations may be new to the world, but we have been testing them for some time. This allows us to deliver innovations with reliability and competence.

Respecting Teamwork and Communication

The best communication can only happen in collaboration, and receives the highest respect at all levels. That’s true both in the development of our products, cooperation with our customers and partners as well as when it comes to the work within our team.

The technology of today is only of interest to me because it inspires me to build something even better for tomorrow. I’m not talking about some far-off future – I’m actually talking about tomorrow, like this Tuesday.

Bo Fu
Software Engineer

We Love to be the Crazy Ones

Those who develop something or come up with an idea that didn’t exist before are often thought of as crazy. That's a job we’ll take on any day. That allows us to always come up with something better than others.

Klaus Nagora
CTO & Founder
Rüdiger Hnyk
Chief Product Officer & Partner
Dr. Claus Keuker
Head of Development


Our Business Areas

We transmit within many different sectors with one specific goal in mind: to connect people worldwide in a better way.

Sports & Events Venues
Internet TV Transport
Internet TV Broadcast
Public Safety Networks
Connected Car