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Events are increasingly expected to be thrilling while allow for flexible and cost-effective production and distribution. To achieve this, we offer mobile-based, modular end-to-end solutions. Video, audio and telemetry data are transmitted live in real time with perfect quality via broadcast partners to the end-user mobile devices. All without making a difference whether the signal is sent out from an installed or mobile camera.

Key benefits


  • In-venue distribution over 4G, WiFi Multicast, and 5G
  • End-to-end solution / from camera to fan's device - high quality, immersive, real-time and mobile
  • Multi-view / highest 360 visual quality
  • Visitor mobile device become opera glasses for an enhanced user interaction
  • Real-time LIVE streams via IOS / Android App (incl. replay, zoom, statistics)
  • Earn money by overlay-ad, app sponsoring or paid version of event app


  • Shorter set-up times
  • Fewer cables
  • More efficient use of transmission channels
  • Simple integration with existing production spots

Typical use use local video orchestration in a smart stadium

TV camera signals are multiplied and fed into EVO for play out at the event. Event visitors can select from several cameras to watch on their device, predefined video resolution, and fixed / dynamic – 360 viewpoint quality can be selected.

Multicast distribution is done via LTE Broadcast (eMBMS) or Multicast WiFi. Due to the tight real-time requirements, the video stream is delivered via RTP directly rather than using e.g. DASH protocols.

Proof of Concept

Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium
Real-time multi-view application for venue

We’ve enhanced the audience experience by enabling spectators to use their smartphones or tablets to choose the camera angle from which they’d like to view the game – whether from the pitcher’s, catcher’s or cheerleader’s point of view.

Used Products:

Showcase with our Partner NOKIA

At Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium, home of the Lamigo Monkeys, NOKIA used the Edge Video Orchestration (EVO) service to enable for its 4G customers at the stadium to use their mobile devices to watch multiple real-time video feeds of games and other actions. Watch this video.

SML is our exclusive partner for all real-time video solutions. They have earned our trust, as they have been a significant part of many public references to Nokia MEC, e.g. the WTA Finals in Singapore, the Shanghai Formula 1 Grand Prix or the Hajj People Finder in Saudi Arabia. With the Wembley show case, SML once again showed their ability to exceed expectations due to their technological flexibility and their solution-driven mindset.

Dirk Lindemeier