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Revolutionizing Mobility: Mobile 5G Connectivity Without Boundaries

Our mobile trailer contains an integrated 5G radio cell that provides a fast, economical, and efficient 5G network with a range of more than three kilometers.
It enables quick and easy deployment of a temporary 5G network anywhere and anytime. It is ideal for various applications, including transmitting live footage from multiple cameras to a control center. By providing a broadband connection, the trailer ensures reliable and latency-free communications.
The mobile 5G network is ideal for large-scale events where fast and reliable connectivity is crucial. It is also suitable for public safety and emergency response applications. Even in situations where the public communications infrastructure is congested, destroyed or unavailable, our trailer can ensure stable, reliable, and fast connectivity.

Technical Features

  • The 5G trailer comes with 5G Micro Cells (4x4 MIMO, max 10W per antenna) and a 10 Gbps fiber interface. The resulting network has a reach of over 3 km and is powered by 220 VAC.
  • The application server is included in the rack and prepared for a virtual machine.
  • An independent wheel suspension with large spring travel, high self-damping and soft suspension ensures maximum driving comfort and optimum driving safety even under extreme loads.
  • The trailer comes with a fuel cell as well as a Diesel or Gas generator. There is also the option of solar cell power.

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We're delighted by your interest in our revolutionary mobile 5G trailer! If you need more information, have questions, or are considering tailored solutions for your project, don't hesitate to reach out. Our team is here to assist you with your inquiries. Write to us today and explore the diverse opportunities that our mobile 5G network offers.

Rüdiger Hnyk
COO & Partner

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