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EVO - the tool you need for real-time video and data transmission

EVO – Edge Video Orchestration

With Smart Mobile Labs' Edge Video Orchestrator (EVO), you get a powerful solution for efficient distribution, management, and optimization of video content.
It allows for high-quality live streaming from any SDI/HDMI cameras and the management of protocols like MAVLink for remote control. We provide smartphone apps for camera streaming functionality as well as a director app for managing multiple video streams.
Furthermore, the Edge Video Orchestrator enables the addition of positioning overlays for videos or other data overlays. This opens many application possibilities across various industries.

High-quality live video streaming

  • Smart Mobile Labs’ EVO uses advanced video compression and optimization techniques to ensure that the live video streams are of the highest quality possible, even in low bandwidth environments.

Multi-camera support

  • The platform supports multiple camera inputs, allowing users to switch between different camera views during a live broadcast.

Customizable branding

  • Smart Mobile Labs’ EVO allows users to customize the platform's branding to match their company's colors and logos, providing a more professional and cohesive look and feel.

Real-time analytics

  • The platform provides real-time analytics in style of an overlay in a live video. The content of the overlay can move along with the live content such as a tag tracking a moving thing.

Low latency

  • Smart Mobile Labs’ EVO uses a low latency streaming protocol, which means that there is minimal delay between the live event and the viewer's experience.

Cloud-based infrastructure

  • Smart Mobile Labs’ EVO is built on a cloud-based infrastructure, which provides scalability, a high level of security, and reliability, allowing users to stream to large audiences without any technical limitations.

Why EVO?

The EVO server allows to switch Video/Audio/Metadata flows in real-time up to 4K/20Mbps and higher resolutions. In order to reach lowest possible signal delays, the EVO server uses the RTP protocol specified in WebRTC (by W3C) and 5G (by 3GPP)specifications. This allows to achieve 0,1 sec delay (and even lower with 5G in the future) from reality to a 2nd screen app display for in-venue services.