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In an airport environment, our cutting-edge camera application, EVO, and Director application provide unmatched benefits. Several cameras located strategically across the terminal can record live video from different positions and angles, providing extensive surveillance and situational awareness. Staff at the airport can control and change between these video feeds on a tablet, ensuring maximum security and operational productivity.
This technology facilitates prompt handling of security incidents, potential bottlenecks, or other issues, ultimately improving passenger safety and satisfaction. Our 5G technology's minimal latency guarantees real-time delivery of information to relevant personnel, optimizing decision-making and resource allocation. In the fast-paced airport environment, this technology is an invaluable asset.

Efficient Baggage Handling

  • Cameras can be strategically placed in baggage handling areas to monitor the movement of luggage. Airport staff can use the Director app to oversee the process and ensure smooth baggage handling, reducing the chances of mishandling or theft.

Safety and Security

  • Surveillance cameras placed throughout the airport can be managed using the Director app. Security personnel can monitor the premises in real-time, respond to potential security threats, and ensure the safety of both employees and assets.

Terminal Management

  • Use cameras to monitor passenger queues at check-in counters, security checkpoints, and boarding gates. Airport staff can select and display specific camera feeds on the Director app to allocate resources efficiently and reduce wait times.

Aircraft Ground Handling

  • Cameras placed near runways and taxiways can assist ground crew in guiding aircraft to gates and runways safely. The Director app ensures coordination between ground personnel and air traffic control.