Welcome to the Real Real-Time

Our innovative technology revolutionizes conferences by enabling seamless multi-angle video streaming. With multiple cameras capturing diverse locations and angles, the Director app, controlled via tablet, allows users to selectively forward streams, enhancing the conference experience. The 5G technology ensures minimal latency, ensuring real-time interactions for all viewers in the Smartstream app. This integrated solution offers unprecedented flexibility and engagement, making conferences dynamic and immersive.

Multi-Angle Presentations

  • Multiple cameras can be installed to capture different angles, including close-ups of presentation materials, audience reactions, and a wide-angle view of the stage. The Director app can switch between camera angles to provide a dynamic and engaging view of the

Remote Participation

  • Attendees who can't physically attend the conference can join remotely using the stream app. They can select their preferred camera angles and feel as though they are present at the event. The low latency of the 5G technology ensures real-time engagement.

Q&A Sessions

  • During Q&A sessions, the Director app can switch between different cameras and microphones placed throughout the audience, making it easy for remote viewers to hear questions clearly and enabling the speaker to respond effectively.

Recording and Playback

  • The captured video streams can be recorded and made available for on-demand viewing after the conference. Attendees who missed sessions or want to revisit specific content can access the recordings with the same dynamic camera control