Welcome to the Real Real-Time
Director App

Enhance your operational processes with our SML Director App and experience the capabilities of our state-of-the-art stream management solutions. Designed to optimize workflows and efficiently manage resources, our solutions promise an unparalleled user experience. Seamlessly integrated into our modern 5G networks, our stream management platform enables companies to easily stream, switch, and broadcast.

SML Director App

  • Low latency in video transmission: Using our apps in conjunction with our Stream Management tool EVO allows for minimal latency in the transmission and switching of video streams without compromising on quality.
  • Stream Management: The app provides an optimized way to manage and orchestrate video streams. This is crucial for organizations that rely on multiple camera streams and need to transmit them to a designated destination. Manage, control, and switch between up to 9 camera input signals.
  • Fast stream switching: The ability to quickly switch between different camera sources, including smartphones and standard cameras, is a valuable feature. It simplifies the selection of the right camera angle or source during a live production. Switching between streams works intuitively with a simple tap.
  • Audio control: Providing the director with the option to hear the sound of the transmitted stream adds another level of control and ensures that the audio quality meets the desired standards.
  • Management of camera inputs: Managing up to 9 camera input signals offers flexibility and scalability for various productions. This is particularly useful for events or scenarios with multiple camera angles.
  • Tally Control: The app controls the Tally Light of the camera chosen by the director, and it lights up in red as usual when the camera is selected. When using smartphones as a camera, the device's light is controlled and equipped with a red filter.
  • Display whether camera is active or selected: The mobile phone screen displays whether the camera stream is being broadcast and whether it is selected by the director.
  • Low-Bitrate Video Preview: To optimize network traffic, the director's video preview is streamed at a low bitrate.
  • Adjustable Video Transmission Bitrates: The quality of the transmitted stream can be selected in the settings.
  • Adjustable HD and SD image widths: Choose the appropriate format.
  • Video Stabilization: Integrated algorithms stabilize the video, removing unwanted camera movements from the video material.