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Disaster Control

Disaster Control

In disaster control, our innovative Camera app, powered by advanced 5G technology, proves invaluable. Utilizing multiple cameras, it enables capturing diverse locations and angles simultaneously. Responders can efficiently manage and coordinate disaster scenarios by using a tablet to control and forward specific video feeds via the Director App. This real-time, low-latency system enhances situational awareness, aiding swift decision-making and enabling collaborative efforts among emergency teams.

Real-time Situation Awareness

  • Task forces can strategically place multiple cameras in and around the wildfire area to provide a comprehensive view of the situation. With the wireless setup these cameras can even stream live from drones or remote locations, allowing incident commanders to have a real-time view of the fire's progress.

Remote Monitoring

  • With the Director app, commanders can remotely access and control the video streams from the cameras using a tablet. This means they can monitor the fire's movement and respond quickly to changing conditions without being present on the front lines.

Coordination and Resource Management

  • By selecting individual video streams for forwarding to the stream app, task forces and emergency responders can collaborate effectively. This promotes better coordination among teams and efficient allocation of firefighting resources.

Remote Control

  • Remote controlling relies on live video transmission with low latency and high security. Low latency ensures real-time responsiveness, while strong security safeguards sensitive data and operations, making it essential for various applications, from surveillance systems to drone piloting and industrial remote control.