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Milliseconds for Safe Decisions

Reliable communication between security officers on the job and/or command centers is of vital importance. Our technology helps those in charge to make important and time-critical decisions quickly. Our video engine is available as an SDK and can be integrated into existing communications infrastructures.

Technical Features

  • Real-time video, voice and data transmission in mission-critical situations
  • Easy integration with existing systems via SDK
  • Standardized interfaces
  • Supports a broad range of hardware from standard mobile devices to bodycams and CCTV

Proof of Concept

London’s Wembley Stadium
Real-time streaming to command center

We collaborated with EE and Nokia to implement an incident reporting solution for the streaming of critical situations. The app transmits video images between the stewards and the command center to the FA’s complete satisfaction in less than 300 ms.

Used Products:

SML’s solution showcased at Wembley stadium was robust and exceeded Wembley’s expectation of end-to-end delay below 300ms, which they until then did not believe was possible. They demonstrated that they can execute projects with tight timelines and in unstructured environments.


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Klaus Nagora
CEO & Founder