Welcome to the Real Real-Time
Mining Industry

In mining, our cutting-edge technology utilizing multiple cameras and 5G connectivity proves invaluable. The Director app enables seamless control of diverse camera angles, offering real-time monitoring of various mining locations. This facilitates swift decision-making as operators can instantly select and share crucial video streams via tablets. The low-latency 5G technology ensures rapid data transmission, enhancing situational awareness and operational efficiency in mining processes.

Equipment Operation

  • Cameras can be installed on machinery and equipment used on site. The Director app can be used to control these camera feeds. This provides operators with a comprehensive view of the equipment's operation, ensuring efficient and safe handling of materials.

Data Sharing and Collaboration

  • The ability to select and forward individual video streams to viewers in the stream app is beneficial for collaboration. Geologists, engineers, and managers can collaborate remotely and make decisions based on real-time video data.

Safety Monitoring

  • Multiple cameras placed strategically throughout the mining site can provide real-time video feeds to the Director app. This allows operators to monitor safety conditions, detect potential risks, and respond promptly to emergencies.

Site Management

  • By having a bird's-eye view of the entire mining site through multiple cameras, supervisors can make informed decisions about resource allocation, job progress, and equipment movement, leading to optimized operations.