Welcome to the Real Real-Time
Railway Sector

Rail operators can use our camera app and EVO system to record video streams in real time from multiple locations and angles. The Director app allows operators to select video streams for instant viewing and provides seamless control via tablets.
This innovation increases safety and operational efficiency in the rail sector. It provides the ability to remotely monitor key areas such as tracks, level crossings and platforms, while responding quickly to incidents or maintenance. The low-latency 5G technology allows for fast data transmission and enables real-time coordination and decision-making. In addition, the Smartstream app can be used to share these video streams with all staff involved, improving communication and situational awareness across the rail network.

Train Surveillance

  • Multiple cameras on trains can capture real-time footage of both the tracks and the train's surroundings. The cableless setup allows to send live streams even from moving trains.

Remote Monitoring

  • Train operators can use the Director app to remotely view and control multiple camera angles, enabling them to make real-time decisions about operations, such as checking cargo loading or monitoring passenger activities. Operators can also independently handle shunting without the need for a coordinator.

Maintenance and Repairs

  • Maintenance crews can use the technology to access live video feeds from trains in need of repairs. Experts can guide on-the-ground personnel through the repair process, reducing downtime and costs.

Remote Control

  • A 5G campus network is crucial for remote controlling robotics on large facilities or outdoor areas where wide coverage and high data rate is needed. Transmission of data via EVO ensures live video and data stream transmission and management. It ensures highest level of safety for transmission of sensitive data and commands.