Welcome to the Real Real-Time
Smartstream App

With our SML Smartstream App, you have full control over the content you want to watch or display, allowing you to effortlessly transmit high-quality video and audio streams with ultra-low latency. Whether you are hosting a live event or forwarding security or surveillance-related content, our app ensures a secure and smooth experience for both broadcasters and viewers.

SML SmartStream App

  • Ultra-low latency for video and audio playback.
  • Custom viewing mode: Switch between full-screen view of a single stream or Multiview, displaying multiple streams.
  • Multiview: Simultaneously view up to nine streams (via the EVO) in Multiview mode. Select a primary viewing window for focus on the larger screen.
  • Overlay: Receive additional information, statistics, etc., via overlay.
  • Native + web interface.
  • View statistics for both "burned-in" (in-stream) and individual overlay statistics.
  • Color overlay (color code image recognition).
  • Wearable sensor overlay (in collaboration with sensor manufacturers).
  • CANbus overlay (for onboard cameras in cars).
  • 360° mode: for viewing the entire 360° sphere in equirectangular projection mode
  • Toggleable map view.