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Sports Events

Sports Events

We are revolutionizing sports broadcasting. Multiple cameras capture diverse angles, providing a dynamic perspective. The Director app, accessible via tablet, empowers real-time control, enabling operators to select and forward specific streams instantly. With our cutting-edge 5G technology ensuring minimal latency, viewers experience the thrill of sports events with unparalleled immediacy and immersive coverage, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Live Broadcast and Coverage

  • Watersports events often take place over large bodies of water, making it challenging to capture all the action from a single camera angle. Using multiple cameras strategically placed around the event area, you can provide comprehensive live coverage.

Virtual Director Experience

  • With the Director app, an event organizer or director can switch between camera angles in real-time, creating an engaging viewing experience for online or on-site audiences. This dynamic control can capture every exciting moment, whether it's a waterskiing trick or a dramatic sailboat finish.

Real-time Data Overlay

  • Combine the video feeds with real-time data overlays. For instance, in sailing events, you can display wind speed, boat speed, and race standings overlaid on the video, giving viewers a deeper understanding of the competition.

Low-Latency Streaming

  • Thanks to 5G technology, your viewers can get instant access to the live streams, ensuring they don't miss a moment of the action. This low-latency streaming is particularly important for fast-paced watersports, where split-second decisions can make all the difference.