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Public Events

Public Events

Events are increasingly expected to be thrilling while allow for flexible and cost-effective production and distribution. To achieve this, we offer mobile-based, modular end-to-end solutions. Video, audio and telemetry data are transmitted live in real time with perfect quality via broadcast partners to the end-user mobile devices. All without making a difference whether the signal is sent out from an installed or mobile camera.
Real-time video orchestration via mobile networks, together with broadcastable video streams for professional production and streaming solutions for end-user applications, significantly enhances the overall experience of event venues.

Enhanced Live Streaming

  • Wireless live-streaming brings incredible flexibility by allowing camera setups in locations where cabling is not feasible. With the smartphone cameras, you can stream from places where lugging around bulky equipment would be impractical, such as crowded urban areas.

Live streaming from Drones

  • With 5G high-resolution streaming that provides breathtaking aerial views in real-time can be achieved. To make this experience secure and responsive, EVO, a stream management device, steps in. EVO ensures both the security of your data and low latency, allowing for seamless and safe drone streaming adventures.

Real-Time Control

  • The ability to manage video streams in real time using a tablet with the SML Director App allows to choose and forward the live streams. This director mode allows focusing on particular artists, highlight special effects, or even provide behind-the-scenes glimpses.

Immersive Viewing Experience

  • Spectators watching the concert can download the SML Viewer App and choose their preferred camera angle and location. This personalization allows them to create their unique concert experience.