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Construction Site

Construction Sites

Our innovative camera system, integrated with 5G technology, revolutionizes construction site monitoring. With multiple cameras capturing diverse locations and angles, the Director app provides real-time control and selection of video streams via a tablet. This ensures efficient on-site management, enabling instant access to critical perspectives. The low-latency 5G connectivity guarantees swift decision-making and collaborative viewing in the stream app, enhancing overall project supervision and safety on construction sites.

Real-Time Site Monitoring

  • Without connection via cables, cameras can stream live from anywhere, thanks to a 5G campus network and our EVO live stream management app. Construction managers can monitor multiple locations on a site in real-time, focusing on critical areas like foundation work, framing, and safety compliance, remotely.

Safety Surveillance and Emergency Response

  • A multi-camera setup allows for comprehensive security monitoring, strategically placed to capture various angles and locations, ensuring safety protocols are followed, and facilitating immediate response in emergencies on the construction site.

Resource Management

  • Construction managers can efficiently allocate resources by monitoring equipment and labor in real-time. For example, they can track the movement of heavy machinery, ensuring that it's used optimally and doesn't cause delays.

Remote Control

  • Remote controlling relies on live video transmission with low latency and high security. Low latency ensures real-time responsiveness, while strong security safeguards sensitive data and operations, making it essential for various applications, from surveillance systems to drone piloting and industrial remote control.