Welcome to the Real Real-Time
Camera App

As part of the SML EVO kits, the SML Camera App allows you to conduct high-quality, low-latency live video transmissions with smartphones.
Manage and control all your video transmissions through SML's EVO Edge Video Orchestrator and the SML Director App.

SML Camera App

  • Easy Installation and Configuration: Download the app to your smartphone and start.
  • Flexible, agile, and cost-effective (even remote) productions with standard smartphones.
  • Tally Light: The device's light illuminates when the stream is selected and forwarded by the director. Equipped with a red filter, it functions as usual with Tally Light.
  • Display of Active or Selected Camera: The mobile phone screen displays whether the camera stream is being broadcast and whether it is selected by the director.
  • Video Feedback: As a camera person, you can see on your smartphone what is being broadcast in the program as an overlay video.
  • Adjustable HD and SD Image Widths: Choose the appropriate format.
  • Video Stabilization: Integrated algorithms stabilize the video, removing unwanted camera movements from the video material.