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The LAURIN research project at the DEKRA Lausitzring offers unique insights into the development and testing of automated and connected driving. Through an innovative combination of 5G networks, precise object control, and realistic simulations, scenes from everyday road traffic are replicated, enabling safe testing of fully or partially autonomous driving.

To comprehensively test automated driving functions, highly complex traffic situations must be simulated. The digitalization and automation of scenario-based validation tests for automated driving at the DEKRA Lausitzring, within the scope of the LAURIN research project, play a crucial role. The research project aims to create a comprehensive data collection for connected driving and implement test automation at the DEKRA Lausitzring track. Essential to this is the exchange of communication, infrastructure, control center, and maneuver data to ensure effective communication between vehicles as well as with the infrastructure.
To test the behavior of autonomous vehicles in highly complex traffic situations, swarms of connected objects are used, among other techniques. It is necessary to control these moving objects with maximum precision. Low latency in real-time communication between the control center and the objects is essential in this regard.
The task of SML is to install a 5G standalone network at the Lausitzring track. With the help of this 5G network, data transmission can be ensured with minimal delay. For this purpose, all involved vehicle objects are equipped with 5G modules. This enables not only nearly latency-free control but also the collection of data for the advancement of automated driving.

Our partners:

iMAR Navigation GmbH
Trace Tronic GmbH
Fraunhofer-Institut für Verkehrs- und Infrastruktursysteme IVI