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As part of the LINCNET research project, we are focused on enhancing optical wireless communication for use in sensitive areas. The goal is to integrate LiFi technology into mobile 5G radio communication for industry-specific applications such as hospitals.

The “Light Fidelity” technology wirelessly transmits data using visible or infrared light. Operating without radio frequencies, it enhances security and reliability while enabling exceptionally high data transfer rates through light impulses.
Following this project, it will be possible to integrate LiFi technology seamlessly and cost-effectively into existing infrastructure. This is achieved through powerline technology, which leverages the existing infrastructure and transmits data collectively over the power grid.
LiFi technology aims to replace data transmission via traditional radio networks in confined spaces within buildings. This is particularly relevant where the physical properties of radio waves complicate or hinder their use, such as in hospitals. Hence, medical facilities are a crucial application area for this technology. In some areas of hospitals, electromagnetic radio waves should not be used due to interference risks with essential medical equipment. Previously, cables were employed for data transmission in intensive care units. The wireless LiFi connection replaces disruptive cables and thereby enhances hygiene. Data is forwarded via powerline to a 5G campus network. With high transmission rates and low latency, the 5G technology complements the intended solution and guarantees the performance needed for real-time applications.
The LiFi technology can also be used in industrial environments. Being resistant to electromagnetic interference, it enhances transmission capacities and productivity in factory floors. Moreover, flexibility is improved through wirelessly networked mobile robots that can communicate with each other and the infrastructure via light signals.
Within the framework of LINCNET, SML is working on integrating the LiFi system with 5G. Additionally, we are developing a simulation environment to evaluate the integration of communication infrastructure into the 5G core network.