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Delivering Data in REAL-time wirelessly - be it Video, audio or command/control applications -

Smart Mobile Labs offers the tailor made solution to any need in the event, broadcast and security industry

Being experienced in utilizing existing 4G LTE and 5G infrastructure or building temporary or permanent networks. Smart Mobile Labs brings modern reliable wireless networks to the broadcast world over many user case - especially for time critical applications in Security and Public Safety

Munich, 16 March 2020 – Smart Mobile Labs AG is the world’s fastest video streaming provider without compromising video quality. Thanks to our streaming technology we enable many(cameras)-to-many(user devices) streaming, with end-to-end 4K latency well below 100 msec across mobile 4G/5G infrastructure as recently proved at Deutsche Telekom’s 5G test center. Our core EVO server allows distribution of streams with a hyper low latency of just 1 msec switching time. We are technologically agnostic to legacy systems and our solutions are extremely flexible and highly scalable.


This core competency offers a unique competitive advantage in many data-intensive Public Safety & Defence and/or  Blue Light use cases like Mobile Tactical Communication, Critical Site Protection or Border Security.

Value Proposition

We address the challenge of hyper-low-latency, large-scale data transmission with an unique Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) technology. As global technology infrastructure migrates to 4G/5G networks, a wide range of ‘real-time’ data transfer applications offer fundamentally new service and usage opportunities. Examples are ‘live’ and ‘real-time on-demand’ video streaming without latency in highest quality (the current market standard for latency is ~ 2-3 seconds).


SML has a globally unique technology solution for data transmission in both 4G and 5G networks. SML can thus be a partner of choice to offer unique value-added services based on bandwidth optimization and ultra-low-latency. One possible partnership example where a partnership could form is in future public or private tenders in the fields of Public Safety & Security.


Our technology has been successfully tested and implemented across multiple markets:

  • Transmission of video live-feeds from public safety personnel in 4G/5G networks – for example successfully tested with Motorola Solutions’ critical communications group.
  • Video live-streaming of events (sports, music, etc.) onto mobile phones as the ‘second screen’ – for example at the Le Mans 24-hour car race.
  • Traffic shaping in 5G networks to enable Mobile Network Operators to offer a comprehensive Cloud Gaming service. We are currently prototyping this in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom.


Our technology is based on MEC which offers a unique way to create ultra-low latency data compression and transmission solutions.


The core of our technology is the way we implement data packet forwarding into our EVO server. This enables our software to get close to the theoretical minimum possible time, through smart switching delay below 1 msec.


In the Public Safety field, police officers and first responders can communicate via video-feeds and share geo-spatial and temporal data from virtually unlimited sources in real-time with Control & Command Centers (C4ISR) thereby enabling better decision making in critical situations.


Given that our technology is enabling ‘new’ and emerging applications on 4G and soon 5G networks across different market segments, SML has ensured that its technology offering is technologically agnostic; compatible with all operating systems or deployed legacy sensors and devices.

Press Contact
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