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Salzburg AG starts 5G Campus Salzburgring

Timed alongside the new motorsport festival, the Salzburgring was presenting itself as the first Austrian racetrack with a 5G Campus – following a strategic 2019 investment in 5G licenses with Salzburg AG.

CEO of Salzburg AG and Chairman of the Board Mr. Leonhard Schitter commented

With the 5G Campus, we are making an important contribution to the future viability of Salzburg and Styria as a business location. We support our customers in the development of specific campus applications and are working with partners to further develop individual solutions

Leonhard Schitter
Salzburg AG CEO and Chairman of the Board

Reliable and fast: 5G makes it possible

5G radio technology is known for enabling highly reliable communication with very short delay times, which makes it critical in environments where reliable and fast data transmission is required.

In addition to supplying broadband Internet in locations where no cable network is available, 5G can also be used to set up locally limited micro networks. Here, so-called small cells with low transmission power are used. A 5G campus is defined as a campus where such micro-networks are made available exclusively to a limited amount of users.

Patrick Langelaan, VP Enterprise South Europe at Nokia, said:

The 5G Campus at the Salzburgring illustrates the opportunities offered by 4G/5G campus networks in a wide range of business and life environments. At sporting events, for example, additional live footage or information can be transmitted from race cars directly to the spectators’ devices on site. We are looking forward to working with Salzburg AG to implement even more projects in the future and to push ahead with the planned 5G expansion.

Patrick Langelaan
VP Enterprise South Europe, Nokia

5G Campus at the Salzburgring

With the 5G Campus Salzburgring, organisers can use this ultra-fast, secure and protected data transfer option.


Mr. Ernst Penninger, Managing Director of the Salzburgring, said

With this 5G Campus, our aim is to bring research and development as well as innovative usage ideas back to the Salzburgring – for automotive corporations, autonomous driving companies, for motorsports of the future – regardless of how a vehicle is powered or the type of engine in it. To be ready and to offer a platform that may not be possible on other racetracks in the near or medium future

Ernst Penninger
CEO of Salzburgring

The camera and transmitter technology offered in cooperation with Smart Mobile Labs offers applications ranging from a highly available communication channel for festival security and blue-light organizations to high-quality, real-time live images for use in research and training drives, e.g. by simultaneously transmitting image and measurement data from the vehicles.

Mr. Klaus Nagora, founder and CTO of Smart Mobile Labs AG, explains



Smart Mobile Labs, Munich delivered 5G-Video-Encoder, EVO-Server and Android Apps for the LIVE view from mobile vehicles in real-time via 5G 3.4 GHz frequencies and hence in a protected frequency range compared to public mobile carriers in different frequency ranges. This provides Salzburgring the first operational 5G network on a race circuit worldwide via regular smartphones with various use cases. The EVO-Server allows furthermore to distribute the video streams to many Smartphones in real-time with hyper low latency. Our video solution now allows LIVE coverage in real-time anywhere on the race circuit.

Klaus Nagora
CEO & Founder

The radio network is designed in such a way that the complete race track will be covered in the expansion stage planned for 2021. Outside the race track the signal strength decreases rapidly.

The next 5G projects of Salzburg AG 

Salzburg AG has operated a radio network in the 3.4 GHz frequency range for many years. This radio network has so far been used primarily for internal purposes (including water level reports for the power plants, plant control, etc.). During last year’s 5G license auctions, this radio frequency was renewed and acquired for the construction of a 5G radio network in Salzburg and Styria. The Salzburg AG radio network is currently in operation as an LTE Advanced network (latest 4G technology). This allows broadband internet of up to 80 Mbit/s to be offered at locations where no cable connection is available. The gradual migration of the transmission technology to 5G standalone (“True 5G”) is planned for early 2021, which will be another milestone in internet coverage for Salzburg.

The project partners

Salzburg AG für Energie, Verkehr und Telekommunikation (Salzburg AG for Energy, Transport and Telecommunications) operates in key areas that contribute to the quality of life and economic development of all of us: energy, mobility and communication. With our products and services for electricity, natural gas, district and local heating, transport and the CableLink products cable TV, Internet and telephony, we guarantee reliable infrastructure so that the lives of Salzburg’s citizens will be even more comfortable and sustainable in the future. In the 2019 financial year, Salzburg AG recorded sales of € 1,536.1 million with around 2,300 employees.

With CableLink, Salzburg AG already offers the best broadband internet in Salzburg. The company continues to invest in the expansion of both the cable network and the radio network to supply locations where cable is not available. Already at the end of 2019, work was started to upgrade the radio network and make it 5G-ready. For reception, an outdoor reception unit (fixed wireless access antenna) is required in the house, which is connected to the indoor unit (with or without WLAN) via Ethernet cable.

About Nokia

We create the technology to connect the world. Only Nokia offers a comprehensive portfolio of network equipment, software, services and licensing opportunities across the globe. With our commitment to innovation, driven by the award-winning Nokia Bell Labs, we are a leader in the development and deployment of 5G networks.

Our communications service provider customers support more than 6.4 billion subscriptions with our radio networks, and our enterprise customers have deployed over 1,300 industrial networks worldwide. Adhering to the highest ethical standards, we transform how people live, work and communicate. For our latest updates, please visit us online www.nokia.com  and follow us on Twitter @nokia.

Smart Mobile Labs is the global leader in real-time many-to-many video transmissions. With its core technology EVO (Edge Video Orchestrator), the company enables secure, dynamic and high-quality distribution of video, audio and data streams over the mobile network – with a maximum latency of 300 milliseconds.

Smart Mobile Labs uses its unique technology to create unprecedented solutions for sports & event venues, public safety and connected cars. In these areas, the startup is a partner for international brands, such as Nokia. The company was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Munich, Germany. www.smartmobilelabs.com


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