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5G Campus networks offer high-speed, reliable, and secure connectivity within a limited area. They combine cellular network advantages with Wi-Fi simplicity, making them ideal for industrial applications. Organizations can have their dedicated mobile network, ensuring fast, low-latency, and reliable transmission.

Technical Features

Private Usage

  • A campus network is utilized by your company only and gives you the opportunity to meet all all internal communication requirements.


  • Separation from the public network provides an additional layer of security, as the campus network is less vulnerable to external threats.

Network Control

  • By operating your own network, you can control network coverage and quality according to their requirements, ensuring reliable connectivity in desired areas.


  • A campus network can be tailored to your specific requirements. Whether it's the network architecture, bandwidth, or the number of supported devices, everything can be designed according to the company's needs.

High Transmission Rates

  • Whether it is a live video stream for controlling or surveillance or any other need. The 5G Campus network will provide you the connectivity you need for.