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Internet TV Broadcast
Internet TV Broadcast

New Trust in Streaming

Using modern WiFi multicast / LTE broadcast distribution as a cost efficient alternative instead of SAT / Cable distribution.

Technical Features

  • Using modern 4G/5G broadcast (eMBMS) / WiFi multicast distribution, service providers can lower costs while beating SAT / Cable distribution in terms of delay.
  • Wireless TV services are now available for mass distribution w/o blocking frequency spectrum or needing to build up excessive network capacity.
  • eMBMS (enhanced Multimedia Broadcast Multimedia Service) is implemented on EVO following 3GPP TS 23.246 and allows mobile operators to broadcast a dynamic range of TV channels via 4G/5G base stations or WiFi multicast access points.
  • Android 8+ phones have built-in support for eMBMS.
  • New generation WebRTC streaming protocols with error-correction coding allow for the best quality across mobile and public internet infrastructures.
  • Traditional HTTP/TCP streaming will not work across broadcast-distribution systems, because the weakest end user device would force all users to receive re-transmissions.

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