Welcome to the Real Real-Time
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Welcome to the real real-time
World’s fastest video streaming

The only provider capable of transmitting live video end-to-end, many-to-many and in real time.

With our core technology EVO (Edge Video Orchestrator), we enable secure, dynamic and high-quality distribution of video, audio and data streams over the mobile network – with an hyper-low latency of 1 millisecond. Our aim with this unique technology is to create unprecedented solutions for sports & event venues, public safety, and connected cars.

The EVO server allows to switch Video/Audio/Metadata flows in real-time up to 4K/20Mbps and higher resolutions. In order to reach lowest possible signal delays, the EVO server uses the RTP protocol specified in WebRTC (by W3C) and 5G (by 3GPP)specifications. This allows to achieve 0,1 sec delay (and even lower with 5G in the future) from reality to a 2nd screen app display for in-venue services.


With their unprecedented hyper low latency video solution, SML was the perfect match to Telekom’s innovative hub:raum project, and is the perfect fit to our LLC/EDGE (Low Latency Cloud) roll-out.

Andreas Doenges
Deutsche Telekom AG / Technology & Innovation

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