Welcome to the Real Real-Time

Our Business Areas

We’re active in all areas where the speed of the real-time transmissions of data and videos is critical. What sets us apart from the others is that in each of these areas we’re not only the fastest, but also the only ones.


Our unique hyper-low-latency technology makes the difference: we are the first to transmit videos many-to-many with no noticeable delay to the human eye.

Regardless of source or volume, we transmit the video signal – whether from a professional broadcast camera or mobile phone – in real-time and HD secure.

The Contribution

The orchestrator dynamically manages video streams as many-to-many and in real-time. The orchestrator is the core technology of Smart Mobile Labs.

The Orchestrator

Real-time transmission to an unlimited number of receivers using any number or type of end-user devices – in top quality with a latency of maximum 300 milliseconds.

The Distribution