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Events are increasingly expected to be thrilling while allowing for flexible and cost-effective production and distribution.

  • 45% of live video audiences would pay for live, exclusive, on-demand video from a favorite team, speaker, or performer
  • Over 80% of fans desire a more immersive and content-rich experience when attending a live event.
  • 97% of fans bring a mobile device to events
  • 45% very often or always watch TV while using digital devices
  • 71% looking up information related to the TV content being viewed

To achieve this, we offer mobile-based, modular end-to-end solutions. Video, audio and telemetry data are transmitted live in real time with perfect quality via broadcast partners to the end-user mobile devices. All without making a difference whether the signal is sent out from an installed or mobile camera.

Showcase with our Partner TELEKOM

The App was successfully tested at a Basketball Bundesliga game of the TELEKOM BASKETS BONN  vs. EWE BASKETS OLDENBURG. Great feedback of the fans!

App Overall

  • 89% would recommend the App
  • 100% would use it again

Specifically the watch button (SML SDK)

  • 89% rated the watch feature very good or good
  • Most used was the 360 cam feature
  • The data overlays (additional player information) was rated good
  • Most respondents can also imagine using the “watch” feature at home

With their unprecedented hyper low latency video solution, SML was the perfect match to Telekom’s innovative hub:raum project, and is the perfect fit to our LLC/EDGE (Low Latency Cloud) roll-out.

Andreas Doenges
Deutsche Telekom AG / Technology & Innovation

Typical use local video orchestration in a smart stadium

The SML App empowers the spectator to choose the perspective. Smart Mobile Labs significantly increases the User Experience by enabling real-time live videos as well as target group-specific content at sports events – creating benefits for both spectators and promoters.

TV camera signals are multiplied and fed into EVO for play out at the event. Event visitors can select from several cameras to watch on their device, predefined video resolution, and fixed / dynamic – 360 viewpoint quality can be selected.

Multicast distribution is done via LTE Broadcast (eMBMS) or Multicast WiFi. Due to the tight real-time requirements, the video stream is delivered via RTP directly rather than using e.g. DASH protocols.

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