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Smart Mobile Labs completes Management Board transition

CTO and Co-Founder Mr. Klaus Nagora and CPO Mr. Rüdiger Hnyk assume Smart Mobile Lab’s Executive Board

Munich, 8 November 2019 – Smart Mobile Labs AG, the global leader in real-time many-to-many video transmissions, announces a change in its Executive Board. Mr. Klaus Nagora, Co-Founder / Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and Chief Product Officer (CPO) / Partner Mr. Rüdiger Hnyk will lead SML’s future.

With the departure of Mr. Westhoff and Mr. Decard, SML has completed a series of appointments to form a new management team that will support Smart Mobile Labs in the definition and implementation of the company’s strategy and operations.

SML enjoys a balance of ‘for profit’ sales activities as well as innovative funded research. We like to keep our Ph.D’s and Masters of Science busy with R&D so we can disrupt the market with the next best thing. It’s no secret that we are driven by our passion for making the impossible possible

Klaus Nagora
CEO & Founder
Klaus Nagora
CEO & Founder

I am confident in SML’s technological core value proposition and our ability to lead the future of ultra-low latency video transmission across an array of market verticals. With a stronger focus on our customers and our transformation of executives, SML aims to maximise its market value. SML has a strong team and I am confident that as one team we will execute SML’s priorities.

Rüdiger Hnyk
COO & Partner

Smart Mobile Labs wish Mr. Westhoff and Mr. Decard all the best with their new future endeavours. SML is grateful for the time and effort they have given us over the years.


About the Executive Board

Ex Nokia-Siemens
Chief Technical Officer

About Mr. Nagora

Ex-Akamai, Sony, Microsoft and Siemens
5 Network centric publications
SML partner
Chief Product Officer

About Mr. Hnyk

Nissrine Saraireh
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