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• MEDIENTAGE Munich live showcase for 5G TV production
• Mobile TV camera contribution, smartphone distribution, real-time video analysis & statistics generation

Munich October 21, 2019 – Smart Mobile Labs AG, the only provider capable of transmitting live video end-to-end, many-to-many and in hyper low latency real-time, shows a live TV production and distribution showcase at the Munich MEDIENTAGE from October 23 to 24 at the booth of Media Broadcast, the German broadcast network and DTT operator. The live showcase will use available 4G frequencies, but the same technology as in future 3.7-3.8 GHz 5G campus networks as soon as these frequencies are available from the German regulator.

TV signals from up to 4 different cameras, (from professional TV-cameras to smartphones) will be transmitted by a commercial 4G/5G mobile network base station to the production environment in an SNG. Smart Mobile Labs‘ EVO (Edge Video Orchestration) server allows to add live metadata (e.g. object position, object speed) with video analysis and distributes the enriched TV signals to the Smart Mobile Labs SmartStream app on regular smartphones. Though the solution is fully 5G-enabled, all demo transmissions are realized with a 20 MHz wide bearer in the 4G 2.3 GHz spectrum, since the new 5G campus frequencies in the 3.7 to 3.8 GHz spectrum are not commercially available, yet.

„The new 5G campus frequencies will allow new use cases for event organisers and stadium owners in the areas of entertainment, security and spectator services. Smart Mobile Labs offers market leading products to facilitate such use cases in the high bitrate, low latency environment of 5G campus networks.
These use cases will allow for new business models and revenue streams for campus owners.
Smart Mobile Labs is happy to report that we have been selected by Media Broadcast, to support them in marketing such use cases“, said Ruediger Hnyk, Chief Product Officer of Smart Mobile Labs AG.

The live showcase will be presented at the Media Broadcast booth, at MEDIENTAGE exhibition area.

About Smart Mobile Labs AG
Founded in 2013, Smart Mobile Labs AG is a video-tech company headquartered in Munich, Germany. It offers powerful hyper-low latency 4K video transmission solutions powered by EVO (Edge Video Orchestrator) services via mobile radio standards LTE & 5G. SML focuses on providing multimedia broadcast solutions with end-to-end latency in under 0.3 seconds as a managed service.
SML use-cases include real-time live multimedia orchestration broadcast software for Live Sport Entertainment, Public Safety & Connected Car.

More about SML https://kaefer.smartmobilelabs.com

Smart Mobile Labs AG
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