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LIVE interactive Programme Making and Special Events services (LIPS)

Live events in the cultural and creative industry, such as concerts, sports events, press conferences or different kind of festivals, are typical application scenarios of PMSE (Programme Making and Special Events). Availability of new mobile network technologies (5G, Mobile Edge Cloud (MEC), etc.) provide platforms for the deployment of innovative smart PMSE services.


Since April 2018, Smart Mobile Labs has been involved in the realization of the project LIPS – Live Interactive Programme Making and Special Events Services. It is a successor of publicly funded project PMSE-xG – Next Generation Programme Making and Special Events. The LIPS project receives public funding from the Federal Ministry for Economy Affairs and Energy within the funding programme “Smart Service Welten II”. Our partners in this project: Fraunhofer HHI, Sennheiser electronic, Arnold & Richter Cine Technik (ARRI), TVN Mobile Production, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Nürnberg-Erlangen, and Leibniz Universität Hannover.

The project aims to demonstrate an interactive and immersive linking of several live events at different locations, using new mobile technologies and cloud services for live production and live distribution. The main emphasis here will be put on low latency. Proposed project solutions should specially enable rural areas to increase the access and participation in the creative, cultural and political events of metropolitan areas.


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In the scope of the project, Smart Mobile Labs is responsible for the implementation of the services for mobile 5G audio/video devices within Mobile Edge Computing (MEC), i.e. software that is directly connected to cloud-like servers in the network of base stations. Therewith, technically the lowest delay times should be achieved.

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