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Benchmark use case - real-time streaming at this year´s NFL Draft with Dallas Cowboys

This year, one of the biggest football events, the NFL draft, expanded the limits of fan viewing.

Enabled by a collaboration between AT&T and the Cowboys, every moment of the first round could be experienced out of different angles, in real-time and with a 360 degree VR view. To make this extraordinary experience possible, we installed four 360 degree cameras inside the stadium and improved LTE coverage to guarantee the transmission of video and audio in real-time.

In addition to that, fans had the opportunity to witness never seen before behind-the-scene insights.

They got to see inside the Cowboys War Room, where essential decisions of the team are made. They were also able to view the Cowboys Locker Room and the Locker Room of their Cheerleaders. The participants got the opportunity to visualize the procedure of the game and the decision making in a more realistic and detailed way.

This event presents nowadays possibilities of enhancing the fan experience by using real-time streaming.


AT&T/DALLAS COWBOYS inspiring and engaging fans

For getting an idea of the fans reaction, watch the video below.

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