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Nowadays efficiency is the basis for making a good bargain and meeting the customers’ needs and requests. The expectations of the customer rise and force the logistic sector to provide a better, more flexible service at lower costs. An improvement of the efficiency in the logistic sector makes the implementation of new technology essential. For creating a more fluent and automated logistic flow a collaboration between the automotive industryand software and telecommunication companies is necessary. According to the estimations of McKinsey, the market value for connectivity components and services will expand from 30 billion euros today to 170 billion euros by 2020.

ZF Group, one of the worldwide leading companies in the supply of drivelines and chassis technology focuses on the Next Generation Mobility. ZF hosts several “Tech Days” a year where their newest products and innovations are presented. The Technology Day, that took place at the 27.06.2018 ZF focused on Smart Mobility in the range of utility vehicles and logistics sectors.

In this context, ZF presented the ZF Innovation Truck as a solution for faster, safer and more efficient logistics processes. The truck is capable of autonomous driving, lifting, shifting and stacking. After entering the deposit area and activating the autonomous mode, the driver can get off the truck. The Truck will find its target position on its own and will lift, shift or stack the regarding containers autonomous. The TraXon Hybrid transmission system enables the truck to locally maneuver emission-free and quietly.

For making this possible, the ZF Innovation Truck is equipped with a sensor-setup in combination with a GPS-system. The sensor-setup enables the truck to “see”. The movement of the truck is coordinated by a central computer. Cameras, located at the ramp, measure the trucks´ rear and transmit the data to a computer. The computer calculates the trajectory and transmits the data to the on-board-unit of the truck, where the information is processed in real-time and instructions are initiated.

This process relies on the transmission of telemetric data. For ensuring a smooth and trouble-free process, the transmission of telemetric data needs to proceed in real-time. The transmission of video and audio data in real-time ensured that the visitors could follow and understand the procedure. For the transmission of telemetric, audio and video data Smart Mobile Labs installed a:



The Campus Network is based on a private 4G/5G network and enables communications regardless of the carrier. It is ideal for tests or for the use on factory premises and integrable into global market-leading base stations.

The measurements by Smart Mobile Labs present the traffic in MB that ran over the LTE Network.

“Very good team work and great technology ensured a robust and unexceptional good LTE coverage.” Simon Ruf, ZF


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