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Digital stadium experience - what do fans expect from the stadium of the future?

Visiting a stadium, for joining an event like a concert or sports event causes different emotions. Some want to experience the spirit; others have waited for their lifetime to see their role-model in action or it is just about being exactly right there where it happens.
Without further do, it´s always a great and fun experience to attend such an event - regardless of the motivation. Concerning the comfort, fun, and effort there are some things that limit the fun experience and since there are ways to solve these limitations, why shouldn`t we?

The most important element is obvious: the basis for enjoying the regarding event is the possibility to be able to properly view the action and every important moment in it.

Assuming that there’s not only you but other hundreds to thousands trying to observe the event, that’s when things get chaotic. For example: you are attending a football game and you may not be one of the lucky ones to get to sit first row. There could be hundreds of people between you and the match, and to top things off, there is a tall man swinging a flag right in front of you. It gets more and more exhausting or even impossible to view the striker approaching the goal. That’s when your visit at the stadium misses its purpose.

But there is a solution to it. If you were able to view the game in real-time from any mobile device via 4G/5G LTE or WIFI, you wouldn’t miss a second. In addition to that, you could choose the angle of the camera and repeat the viewed game to confirm the referee’s decisions. Implementing these kinds of possibilities to a visit at the stadium, you could be able experience the spirit at its fullest and be sure to witness every moment of the game.

Implementing technical support to your visit boosts the experience while minimizing the effort. Digital Services can help you to avoid waiting times while looking for a parking space, checking in with the ticket or buying snacks by making an online reservation, online check-in and online ordering of the snacks possible. All these features could be used through an app on any mobile device.

Facit Digital interviewed 1000 people (that own a smartphone and visit stadiums or are generally interested in visiting a stadium) about their opinion on the implementation of such an app, providing the above-named features. The results are more than clear.

  • The Top 5 most requested and value-adding elements for a visitor and fan are: The possibility to view repetitions out of different angles, mobile ticketing, the reservation of parking spaces, ordering snacks directly from your seat and having a better WiFi connection.
  • The majority of the respondents assess that the implementation of such an app would make a visit at the stadium more attractive.
  • 63% of those who have never been at a stadium before would be more likely to visit a stadium when there would be such an app supporting them.
  • Up to 45% surmise that they would spend more money during a visit.

For more information about this survey, follow that link: https://blog.facit-digital.com/digitales-stadionerlebnis-was-muss-das-stadion-der-zukunft-koennen/

Implementing technical support to the experience of a stadium visit leads to a win-win situation for viewer, fan and event organizer.

CPO Rüdiger Hnyk

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