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A new partnership with Broadcast Wireless Systems

A powerful collaboration to provide an end-to-end solution for world-leading low latency 4K TV production across wireless networks.


Using Broadcast Wireless Systems (BWS) Sapphire low latency encoders/decoders combined with Smart Mobile Labs  Edge Video Orchestrator (EVO) servers in the mobile edge cloud/client applications for iOS/Android/Linux devices successfully streamed live 4K video across a public 5G network at a prestigious industry event in Berlin, Germany.

In order to handle 4G/5G wireless cameras in the same was as fixed SDI cameras today, the mobile cameras need to deliver frame-synchronized signals over wireless access in a similar speed of fixed production. Broadcast Wireless Systems & Smart Mobile Labs have shown during the event how to edit several streams into a distribution signal to many broadcast centers or users in less than 200 msec end-to-end latency.

This world-first achievement was based on the super-fast encoding speed of Broadcast Wireless Systems Sapphire encoding of just 70 msec and the SML EVO switching time of just 1 msec.

This creates a new era of LIVE mobile TV production for producers.

About Smart Mobile Labs

Smart Mobile Labs is the global leader in real-time many-to-many video transmissions. With its core technology EVO (Edge Video Orchestrator), the company enables secure, dynamic and high-quality distribution of video, audio and data streams over the mobile network – with a hyper-low latency of one millisecond.

Smart Mobile Labs uses its unique technology to create unprecedented solutions for sports & event venues, public safety and connected cars. In these areas, the startup is a partner for international brands, such as Nokia. The company was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Munich, Germany. smartmobilelabs.com

About Broadcast Wireless Systems

Broadcast Wireless Systems has decades of experience in the wireless broadcast area, having previously worked for Cobham, Link Research, Tandberg/Ericsson, Vislink and the BBC.  As well as operational experience the team at Broadcast Wireless Systems are product designers with in-house mechanical, software, hardware and FPGA experience. Further information is available at: broadcastwirelesssystems.com

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