Welcome to the Real Real-Time

Successfully realized use case for an immersive fan experience.

The TELEKOM is always very ambitious in developing new technologies with high-quality standards to raise customer satisfaction. In this case, the goal is to create a unique fan experience with the DOME APP for the TELEKOM Baskets.

It’s a great honor to part of this project by adding the features real-time 360 live streams and real-time statistics during the game. The app is developed and designed in cooperation with Forward Game AR.


The app is provided by our core product EVO. The EVO server allows to switch Video/Audio flows in real-time up to 4K/20Mbps and higher resolutions. In order to reach the lowest possible signal delays, the EVO server uses the RTP protocol specified in WebRTC (by W3C) and 5G (by 3GPP)specifications. This allows to achieve 0,1 sec delay (and even lower with 5G in the future) from reality to a 2nd screen app display for in-venue services.

The new Telekom Dome App!

Get an idea of how it works – watch this video.

Are you interested in more use cases like this?

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