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What’s the magic of real-time video streaming with hyper-low latency?

In everyone ́s life there is something that can or even must be improved. Some of these changes may lie in your own hands- others can just be optimized by technological development. Even today the transmission of audio, video or metadata affects your safety, your mobility and certainly your free time.

A technical overview about streaming infrastructure solutions and transfer protocols.

When it comes to safety, streaming infrastructure is focused on surveillance cameras that help security or police officers by detecting dangerous situations. Regarding mobility, it is about connected or even autonomous driving. We can improve many of your day-to-day-activies; assuming that you spend some of your free time connecting with others over LTE 4G/5G or Wi-Fi based applications or following live broadcasted events, such as sports matches or concerts. All of these activities can be optimized by a faster transmission. By making the transmission of video, audio or telemetric data faster, personalized and more commercial, we want to improve your life.

To make a faster and enhanced transmission of data possible, the HTTP-Video- Streaming needs to transit into RTP Video-Streaming. Streaming is all about transporting audio, video or metadata across the public internet without specified length. This transport can be implemented by different protocols:

  • HTTP Video-Streaming enables Live-Streaming and uses the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and Transmission Control Protocol (TCP).
  • RTP Video-Streaming enables Real-Time-Streaming and relies on the Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) and User Data Protocol (UDP).

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